At Pet Central, we believe that your four-legged fur baby deserves the best of the best, which is why we pride ourselves on providing only the leading brands of premium pet food available for dogs.

What exactly is “premium” pet food for dogs? Premium pet food is a scientifically balanced diet that is meat-based, nutritious, and contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals that are needed to help keep your dog living healthier and longer. Not to mention it is also delicious (at least that’s what the dogs tell us)!

If you are interested in trying out one of our premium pet food collections, feel free to engage with one of our friendly pet store experts and they will gladly show you some of the most popular and best pet food options for your dog.

Do your dogs have a sensitive stomach? Or are they picky eaters? Not to worry. We have plenty of specialized diets that contain only the best ingredients available in the pet food market today and are designed for specific health conditions and palatability.

We have the diet you’re looking for: dry, canned, freeze dried, dehydrated and raw.

Dog Food Aisle

Here are some of the brands of premium pet food we carry: