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Rewards Program

Welcome to the Pet Central Rewards Program!

Just like Pet Central was designed to make your shopping experience fast, easy, and convenient, so was our rewards program.

We wanted a rewards program that would make our customers feel appreciated, but we wanted to make sure it was easy and fun for you to collect your rewards as well.

The Pet Central Rewards Program:

It’s Fast. Just download the Five Stars app and register for Pet Central rewards program. Download the Five Stars App here:

Download for Android

Download for Apple

Register for Rewards Program here - or - Text PCKENT to 578-277 to join our rewards program from your phone.

It’s Simple. For every $1 you spend at Pet Central, you earn 1 reward point. The more you spend the more points you earn, and the more you save!

It’s Easy. Turn your points into dollars off future purchases!

250 Points $3 off your next retail purchase
400 Points $7.50 off your next retail purchase
650 Points $15 off your next retail purchase
1,050 Points $25 off your next retail purchase


Start earning your rewards today!