Pet Central Partners with the Reber Ranch Veterinary Hospital to Provide Complimentary Microchips

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On April 22nd, Pet Central will host an event to implant microchips at no charge to help potential lost pets have the best chance of returning home.

KENT, Wash. – One third (33%) of family pets go missing every year, and if they do not have identification, they only have a 10% chance of returning home to their owner.

While pet identification tags significantly increase the chances of pets reuniting with their owner, microchipping is the only real form of permanent, unique identification that cannot be falsified or removed.

In an effort to help ensure that all pet owners and their pets will be reunited, Pet Central has partnered with Reber Ranch Veterinary Hospital to implant 50 microchips to the first 50 families that signup on April 22nd. The Reber Ranch Vet Team will be on-site performing the microchipping procedures at the Pet Central store from 10am to 2pm, or until all 50 microchips have been implanted.

"We have witnessed first-hand how valuable it is to microchip your pet," said Carrie Estrada, Marketing Manager for Reber Ranch. "It is always devastating when we learn that someone has lost their pet, and they are not microchipped as we know that the possibility of them being found and reunited are far less. “That’s why we are thrilled to offer this service to our community."

Dog and cat microchipping is a simple procedure. A veterinarian injects a microchip, about the size of a grain of rice (12mm), beneath the surface of the pet's skin between the shoulder blades. The process takes only a few seconds, and the pet will not react any more than he or she would to a vaccination. No anesthetic is required. Microchipping costs $49.95.

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